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Whether you are a student or a researcher, a college professor or a product development engineer interested in electromagnetic wave propagation in optical guiding structures, photonic devices, telecom- munication systems, or nanophotonics, we hope this website will be useful for you.

Numerical modeling is an essential component of modern science and engineering. On these pages, you can find a broad collection of software available for numerical simulations of waveguiding structures, including both free and commercial packages. The website structure is schematically shown and described below:

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The software is divided into three major categories: Mode Solvers, Wave Propagators, and System Simulators. Within each category, you can find a list of numerical methods used to solve problems in this category. For each method, there is a list of software packages that employ a particular method. Each software package is supplied with

  • a short summary of its capabilities and potential applications,
  • a list of references to research papers that utilize a particular software package (if available),
  • a link to the software provider's page.

You can also go directly to the topic that interests you by searching the site with the keywords of your choice.

If you are new to the field of guided wave optics, you may find it useful to browse through a short Waveguide Tutorial, which summarizes basic concepts of light propagation in optical waveguides, dispersive, and nonlinear properties.

This site has just been built, but we believe it has potential for growth and improvement. We would like to hear from you and would greatly appreciate friendly advice and constructive criticism. Please visit the Feedback page to drop us a line.

We would like to see a friendly - even if small - online Community emerge, assisted by this site, with its members sharing news, scientific expertise, and enthusiasm. As a first step toward this goal, we provide our visitors with an online file-sharing facility to be used to exchange simulation codes, documentation, and other relevant information. Please visit the Share Code/Knowledge page to start using it.

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The development of this Website was supported by the ARO Award #W911NF-06-1-0503 (Project Manager - Dr. R. Hammond). The site was developed by Drs. N. Litchinitser and V. Iakhnine.

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